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Projects > iTopography v4.2 - Advanced Area Calculator
New features:
  • Fixes compatibility issues with iOS 11
  • New UI
  • Bug fixes
Here is a list of screenshots of the new version

This is the new Project list screen. At the bottom of the screen there are two tabs: The left one takes you to this list, and the right one takes you to the Info screen

Did you notice the share button at the far right end of each project? Tapping on that button shares the project via email, as plain text or a dxf file.

This is the Map screen. Here, iTopography performs laborious computations to compute the actual position of each point

There are buttons to tranform the drawing, and a button to compute the area of a sub-surface (tap on the top left button)

Here you see a list of already calculated properties, such as the distance between two adjacent points, the location of each point, and the angle that is formed by three adjacent points (the 2nd one is the vertice)

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